Effects of the Halloween Sugar Buzz

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Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I love getting the kids all dressed up in the latest halloween costumes and taking them trick or treating in our neighborhood.

But, as a parent I’m also concerned about the effect that too much sugar and caffeine (from chocolate) can have on my kids. I’m sure you’ve heard comments about the worse day of the year for teachers is the day after halloween when the kids are bouncing off the walls. We make a point of “managing” how many treats the kids can eat each day. You probably set rules for your kids, too.

I recently ran across some health supplements from Dr. Robert O. Young, the world famous nutrition expert and microscopist. He’s got 3 or 4 phD’s and has written a bunch of books on helping people with all kinds of serious health challenges including diabetes. So, I was thinking that maybe the program he uses to address the needs of diabetics could help dampen some of the effects of the Halloween Sugar Buzz.

I’m not a purest. I’m not going to keep my kids from getting trick or treat candy. So, I was thinking maybe some of Dr. Young’s supplements might help “neutralize” the sugar buzz.

Two of his products work really well with my kids when they are “bouncing off the walls” because of too much sugar. The first is called pHour Salts. I mix a little bit (like maybe 1/2 or 1/4 the adult dose) in water and let the drink. In my experience, it works within 5-15 minutes. The other is called pHlavor. It’s pure inland salt water that’s high in mineral content. I just spray it on some food or directly in their mouth and follow it with some water. Sometimes it’s easier to get them to take the spray. Other times they’ll take the pHour Salts. I’m still experimenting to see which one I like the best.

Dr. Young also has a supplement called Doc Broc Rocks. The kids take it every day. I think of it as a way of preventing sugar buzz and the other products as ways of dealing with it. But, that’s my experience. If you try using any of Dr. Young’s products with your kids, please write me at customerservice@dreamascream.com with your results.
Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween!

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