Halloween Masks And Helmets

Say Goodbye to Makeup and Hello to Halloween Masks

Halloween masks help to transform adults and children into their favorite super hero, villain, cartoon, movie character, or scary monster. Since full facial covers have become popular, masks are now made from different materials including foam, rubber, plastic and latex. Some of these disguises only conceal the surrounding eye area, or one side of the face, while others either cover up the full face or the entire head.


Anyone who doesn’t want to coat their skin in thick, pore-clogging, and often expensive, makeup will find that Halloween masks are an ideal option. Thus, instead of spending hours of your time applying paint and other goo, you can simply pull a mask down over your face and you’re all set!

Halloween Costumes with Unique Masks The face is the finishing touch of your Halloween costume whether you choose makeup or a mask. If you’ve decided to go with a mask this year, you have many choices. Will you cover only the eye-are, or wear a full mask over your face? Will you buy one at the store, or will you make your own? No matter what your choice, make sure that the eye hole size and design gives you as much vision as possible, it stays comfortably in place, and has the style you’re looking for.