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At DreamaScream you’ll find unique halloween costumes and masks for adults and kids at affordable prices. We also carry a huge selection of accessories including halloween wigs, props and makeup. Make halloween an unforgetable experience!

Halloween Costumes, Halloween Masks and Ideas for Halloween

It’s almost Halloween again and time to start thinking about what you’re going to dress up as this year. Fortunately, Dreamascream has a huge assortment of Halloween costumes, masks, accessories and decorations for the best Halloween ever. When you think of Halloween costumes – it’s hard not to think of witches, ghosts and goblins. These are and probably always will be the traditional costumes for Halloween. But, what if you want to be something different? Coming up with new ideas for Halloween costumes can be difficult – especially if you wait too long. Here at Dreamascream – we’re ready to help and can offer more ideas that you can dream of.

This year, movie characters are making popular Halloween costumes. Harry Potter costumes, Spiderman costumes and even costumes from the Simpson’s movie are crowd-pleasers this year. If you want to be Spiderman – we have costumes for adults and kids costumes. Dress up as Spiderman, Venom or even the Spiderman Black costume. If you just need the Halloween mask – we have Spiderman masks in stock too.

Harry Potter has been a favorite for the past few years and we have costumes, decorations and accessories.

Harry Potter Halloween costume ideas:
Harry Potter Adult Costume – Gryffindor Costume
Harry Potter Accessories:
Harry Potter Wand – Harry Potter Glasses – Harry Potter Scarf – Hermione Wand
Harry Potter Decorations:
Dobby Prop – Hogswart Banner

Shrek costumes and Shrek masks are all the rage this year.
Shrek Halloween costume ideas:
Princess Fiona Adult Costume–Deluxe Shrek Kids Costumes
Shrek Halloween masks:
Shrek Mask–Shrek Donkey Latex Mask

Spiderman Costume ideas:
Adult Spiderman Costume–Baby Spiderman Costumes– Spiderman Toddler Costume
Spiderman Halloween Masks & Accessories:
Spiderman Vinyl Masks–Spiderman Deluxe Fabric Masks – Spiderman Black Masks
Venom Latex Masks–Goblin Sword–Spiderman Makeup Kit– Adult Spiderman Gloves– Spiderman Boots

Favorite Star Wars Costumes:
Darth Vader –Storm Troopers–Princess Leia–Jar Jar Binks–Queen Amidala–Obi Wan Kenobi–Star Wars Masks–Star Wars Accessories
Funny Halloween Costumes for the Person Not Interested In Spooky, Cutesy, and Serious

Funny Halloween costumes are for those who want light hearted fun without all the horror, glitter and frills. If you’ve ever thought of dressing up as an object, piece of food, or as the opposite sex, you’re looking for an outfit that has a sense of humor. Therefore, forget searching for classic Halloween outfits, you need something that makes a bold statement about the comic you are.

Whether you want to give the illusion that you are riding on a horse, or dress up like a hot dog, banana, burrito, cow, or choose a less tasteful but equally amusing outfit, you’ll find there is more than one funny Halloween costume that can make your dreams come true. Also, for those who are interested in original costumes, don’t forget to use your imagination in combination with your humor to create a hilarious masterpiece.
The Right Halloween Mask Can Make the Perfect Halloween Costume

The right Halloween mask enables you to dress up as your favorite villain, superhero, cartoon, and sometimes even a celebrity. Furthermore, you will find that some halloween costumes need this disguise in order for you to transform into the character you wish to portray. For instance, if you want to be Darth Vader, a Storm trooper, Michael Myers from Halloween, Batman, Spiderman, etc., masks are a necessity.

Facial covers can be made from more than one type of material, but most are made out of latex. You will also find that while some masks are poorly designed, others have been hand painted, or feature hair and other details to give them an awesome artistic and believable appearance. Thus, if you think your halloween costume could use a Halloween mask, explore the many different options available to you.

Have Fun and Express Yourself with Adult Halloween Costumes

Adult Halloween costumes are available to all grownups who want to have fun and celebrate a holiday with or without the kids. Halloween costumes for adults come in different sizes and categories to suit different tastes and requirements. Therefore, if you enjoy dressing up and going to party at a friend’s, families, or neighbors, you can become whoever you want to be with the perfect halloween costume.

It doesn’t matter if you want to dress up as your favorite movie character, in a classic horror outfit, or a sexy spooky outfit, you will find that there are adult Halloween costumes that will appeal to your interest and your budget. Have fun this holiday, and remember – Halloween isn’t only for kids!

Classic Kids Halloween Costumes And Beyond

With so many different types of kids Halloween costumes on the market, you may not know how to begin your search. Therefore, it is always a good idea to sit down with your child and ask them what they want to be for Halloween. You can then search for the perfect halloween costume with your child by browsing through the many options available.

For instance, if your child would like to be a witch for this festive holiday, there is cute, trendy, fantasy, and classic witchy styles. Thus, you will discover that almost every genre for kids Halloween costumes is available in different designs and colors to accommodate the fancies of the most imaginative of children.

Halloween Costumes are Different This Year

This year, it’s time to break away from the traditional ghosts, witches, and vampires of Halloween costumes past. This year, you can be scary if you want to, but you should also open the door to being charming, beautiful, sexy, funny, or just plain cute.

The more creative you are when you’re coming up with your Halloween costumes this year, the better you’ll do. Originality is even more important than tradition when it comes to this holiday.

Full Figured (Plus Size) Halloween Costumes

Full figured people have enough of a struggle finding great plus sized clothing that it’s a relief to hear that there are lots of opportunities to discover the perfect Halloween costume this year – and in the perfect size. Don’t feel that you need to settle for whatever fits.

When it comes to this Halloween, you’ll have the choice and the options that you deserve to have fun and be what you want to be in your Halloween costume. Isn’t that what the day is all about!

Your Toddler’s First Halloween Costume

The Halloween costume you choose for your toddler is the key to making it a memorable experience for both you and your child. There are so many things that you can choose for a toddler’s Halloween costume.

Though you may be inclined to make the decision yourself, try to make sure that you include your toddler’s interests when you pick that first Halloween costume. For example, if your toddler has a favorite cartoon character, animal, or storybook, see if you can include them in your selection.

Halloween Costumes for Parents and Kids

Halloween is almost here again, and it’s time for you to have your own Halloween costume this year, to wear as you bring your kid door-to-door. There’s no point in taking part in Halloween if you’re not wearing a halloween costume!

Even more fun is to link your Halloween costume with your kid’s. Let your child choose his or her halloween costume, and go from there. If he’s Harry Potter, you can be Dumbledore. If she’s Hannah Montana, you can be her biggest fan. If he’s Spiderman, just pick your favorite villain!

Halloween Costumes with Unique Masks

The face is the finishing touch of your Halloween costume whether you choose makeup or a mask. If you’ve decided to go with a mask this year, you have many choices.

Will you cover only the eye-are, or wear a full mask over your face? Will you buy one at the store, or will you make your own? No matter what your choice, make sure that the eye hole size and design gives you as much vision as possible, it stays comfortably in place, and has the style you’re looking for.

Funny Halloween Costumes Anyone can Wear

If you’re tired of being scary every year, wearing a funny Halloween costume might be the perfect solution. When you’re trying to come up with an idea, just keep your mind open to anything that makes you laugh – and might get some laughs out of someone else, too.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between funny Halloween costumes and an offensive ones. The cleaner and more universal the humor, the more people you’ll entertain. Have fun this year with a good laugh.