VR Equipment

It is not that virtual reality is a new concept, it is that there have never been so many proposals so varied to prove it. In this article, we review the most attractive options on the market to immerse yourself in this immersive experience and everything you need to enjoy it, beyond the familiar glasses or helmet: space, equipment, accessories.

The simplest and most affordable way to approach virtual reality is to do so from a mobile device. Who else, who least has a smartphone that opens the doors to virtual reality applications for iOS and Android. Some of the most popular models of virtual reality glasses to integrate a smartphone are Google Cardboard Standard-cardboard glasses of less than 10 euros -, Samsung Gear VR, FireFly VR… From here, it will be the apps that mark needs.
However, there are three common essential points when choosing virtual reality goggles for smartphone: The operating system and the characteristics of the terminal, something marked in the requirements of the applications we want to enjoy.

That our smartphone is compatible with the model of glasses in question. For example, Samsung gear VR, compatible with phones with a screen between 5.1 and 5.7″.
Beyond important factors when choosing glasses such as their connectivity, design or weight, the field of vision is decisive, as it will mark what we want to do with them: movies, interactive experiences, games. The bigger field vision will help you immerse more into the game. We tried some of the VR glasses that we will talk about here with the online casino games, and the experience was phenomenal. You can walk through the VR casino, talk with others and even communicate with the dealers. The line between real and VR casino has never been so thin. You can experience it yourself in Royal Vegas casino, for which you can read the full review at CanuckOnlineCasino.com.

We have to keep in mind that this option is to integrate the smartphone in the glasses, which presents certain limitations in terms of gameplay and viewing. In this sense, if we look for a more immersive, complete virtual reality experience with a more nourished content catalogue, we will have to look away at the proposals for PC and console.
Just as each console has its strengths and weaknesses, accessories and game catalog, the main virtual reality experiences of the market present a series of differences to consider before betting on one of them. The requirements of virtual reality go hand in hand with each proposal. So let’s start at the beginning: presenting them.

  • PlayStation VR, Sony’s proposal for its PlayStation 4 consoles.
  • For Nintendo Switch is available the kit Nintendo Labo VR.
  • Valve Index for PC.
  • HTC Vive / Vive Pro, for Windows computers as an operating system
  • Oculus Rift, also for Windows computers.
  • Oculus Go, autonomas but with a certain dependence on a smartphone.
  • Oculus Quest, glasses all in one.
    The half-dozen previous proposals have virtual reality as a common Nexus. From here we find great divergences. One of the most important is the hardware needed to run them.

Nintendo’s proposal for its versatile console is the most similar to the one we have seen for smartphones in the sense that we must integrate the console into the viewer. To enjoy virtual reality in Nintendo we will require:
A Nintendo console Switch. The Basic Kit Nintendo Labo Kit VR with visor, Joy-Con disintegrator and a set of activities that we can expand with two extra sets. Another option is to purchase the complete kit with extensions.

As a result of the” marriage ” between HTC and Steam, several proposals arise to enjoy virtual reality for Windows computers as an operating system and others that are about to fall. What do we need to make use of them?
HTC Vive virtual reality glasses, which comes with viewfinder, controls and stations. Another more ambitious and improved option is HTV Vive Pro, which can also be found in different kit with viewfinder, controls and base station.
A Windows computer. In this case, minimum hardware requirements differ between models.