The Best VR Games Ever Made

Virtual reality made its big leap into domestic format in 2016, but it has not been until now that its playable proposal has taken off in ownership. And yes, he has: Bethesda, Ubisoft or Sony are holding hands with those playable experiences we wanted to see from day one.
While Valve enters into the equation and Oculus and HTC they reassert their presence in a matter of hardware, Sony already gives us an insight that PS5 will be ready for the release on the time that is more and better to their current catalog and future.

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Even the great N dares with its own VR proposal through Nintendo Labo, opening to its very valuable licenses the door to the most immersive format.
However, the real engine of Virtual reality is software: those light experiences and initial simulators have given way to more ambitious games, modes designed exclusively for the format and dedicated adaptations of games of enormous caliber such as DOOM, Skyrim or Borderlands 2.

With a really solid and forceful panorama of games, VidaExtra has set out to give a greater presence to the 50 Best Game proposals for Virtual reality that you can already get your hands on, discarding fun and suggestive ideas like Job Simulator, the episode Blood Ties of Rise of the Tomb Raider or Kingdom Hearts III to focus on the true drivers of the format.
A varied and alphabetically sorted list, but with some surprise focused on those proposals that, if you have a VR device, you should already be keeping an eye on it. Well, technically, both of us.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Bandai Namco’s airfights take advantage of the Unreal Engine to create an unparalleled cabin experience. And virtual reality suits the whole thing like a glove.

Arizona Sunshine

Apocalypse with the Living Dead is barbaric, and there is more and more in the first person. But it must be recognized that the combination of zombies, motion sensors and VR helmets is a safe bet.

Assetto Corsa

The best driving simulators rely heavily on virtual reality, and Kunos Simulazioni’s driving proposal is no exception. How can you resist putting yourself behind the wheel of these gentlemen pigs?

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission

Don’t be fooled by his presentation: this charismatic robot is full of the charm of nintender platforms, but its fun is backed by Sony’s Japan Studio. And despite its appearance casual, is one of the highest cards in the catalog of PS VR.

Batman: Arkham VR

Rocksteady bid farewell to the acclaimed series Batman: Arkham taking a giant step: not only do we wear the cloak of the Dark Knight, but we are invited to discover a tailor-made story for RVs through their eyes… and their bat-cacharros, of course.

Beat Know

Imagine a Rock Band where instead of using a guitar or drum you use two lightsabers. Gross way, that’s Beat Saber. Well, and also the ultimate musical proposal for Star Wars fans.

Borderlands 2 VR

The madness and explosiveness of the acclaimed Borderlands 2 had never been so immersive. Menus and gameplay adapted specifically for the format, but also the perfect appetizer for the long-awaited third installment of the saga.

Catan VR

Playing Catan for half what the physical edition is worth is a very suggestive appeal, especially when you don’t have to pick up the chips later. However, it must be recognized that Asmodee Digital has produced a brilliant version: a simple and intuitive interface and fully customizable environments.

DiRT Rally

One of the keys to Codemasters ‘ most demanding rally saga is their strong commitment to realism. And even though there are plans to take the format to DiRT 2, you can already look for the perfect layout (or suffer the consequences) in the original DiRT Rally through the VR helmets.

Doom VFR

DOOM’s virtual madness has a certain trick: Bethesda bet on a system of transfers and positioning with which we will not be dragged by his frenzied pace. Mind you, the charge and the explosive of this ascent to Hell On Mars remains intact.

Elite Dangerous

Frontier Developments ‘ Space Odyssey invites us to travel a vast number of planetary systems through our own spaceships in an open multiplayer universe. And if that sounds great, imagine doing it through Oculus or HTC Live.

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone

A spectacular space shooter designed to offer a competitive and multiplayer experience. We don’t know if you’ll ever get a chance to prove your skills in intergalactic combat, but EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone is the best way to prepare for it.

Falcon Age

Through all sorts of puzzles, in Falcon Age we will solve a plot around a megacorporation that has colonized our planet with the sole help of our faithful Falcon. That is, making ingenious use of the unique possibilities of virtual reality.

Fallout 4 VR

In the Fallout 4 virtual reality adaptation we will have access to all the contents of the main game. Mind you, Bethesda’s worried it’s your favorite version, rethinking combat, manufacturing and housing systems from scratch. The result? Quite a genius.


In many ways, Farpoint was the first great shooter designed for PS VR, and although it doesn’t work out too well compared to the heavyweights of the genre, it offers that immersive FPS proposal that we wanted to see in virtual reality. Especially if we have the PS4 VR Aim Controller.

Firewall Zero Hour

While the aforementioned Farpoint was looking for a science fiction-focused FPS single-player experience, Firewall Zero Hour could be his counterpoint, as members of an elite mercenary unit we will have a tactical shooter focused on team play for up to four players.


The truth is that GORN has slipped into this list on his own merits, which he lacks in depth and visual character and has plenty of fun. Because it may touch on the concept of experience from which we want to depart, but in the end each game turns out to be a tremendously insane barbarity.

Gran Turismo Sport

Since its announcement, the virtual experience of Gran Turismo Sport became one of the best ambassadors of PS VR. Through a dedicated way we are given the possibility to travel photorealist circuits in Dream vehicles. If you have a PS4 flyer at home, the GT Sports and PS VR combo is mandatory.


The sequel independent of GUNGRAVE VR is pure love the gunplay in addition to a wealth of ideas added. Beyond Featuring character designer Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun) , this Third Person Shooter adds scenarios in side view and first person, getting a completely round experience.

Killing Floor: Incursion

The bloodiest shooter not only expands his proposal with a new delivery designed for virtual reality with its own history but will delight fans of the saga with an Endless mode that we can enjoy on our own or in cooperation.